Today, we are told there is nothing left to fight for. And yet you fight. You fight for the climate. For the end of sexism, for the right to love who you love, and be who you are. You fight for the end of gun violence and injustices done throughout the world.

We, the festivals in Europe, try our best to keep up with you, and create spaces where everybody can be free and enjoy each other and the music.

Thank you for engaging. Thank you for celebrating your freedom at our festivals. Thank you for participating in the fight for a better world and voting in the European Elections for a future in which we can continue to celebrate together at the European Festivals.

We want to show the effects of voting. We want to show the solidarity across Europe. We want to encourage everyone to vote in the European Election. We are saying THANK YOU for voting!

We would not have freedom of speech, protection of the environment, human rights, a free press and so many other achievements if it wasn’t for VOTING.


#WeVoteForEurope is a campaign of the European music festivals to engage our audience to use their right and vote in the European elections (May 23 – 26 2019). It was initiated by YOUROPE (the European Festival Association), inspired by TAKE A STAND and realised with the great support of Volume and Roskilde Festival.

#WeVoteForEurope is completely independent and privately funded. It is carried out on a voluntary basis by its supporters.

Do you like the initiative and want to join? Would you share the message and video? Then you are cordially invited to do so. Just download the materials here. Please make sure your posts are public and don’t forget to use the hashtag: #WeVoteForEurope

#WeVoteForEurope Identity

#WeVoteForEurope is supported by:

  • A Greener Festival (UK)
  • A38 (HUN)
  • Aarhus Festuge (DK)
  • allbuyone (GER)
  • Amaei (POR)
  • Arbeitskreis Festival Kombinat der LiveKomm (GER)
  • Artlake Festival (GER)
  • Artmania Festival (ROM)
  • Awake (ROM)
  • Azimuth Productions (FRA)
  • Balaton Sound (HUN)
  • Beatpatrol Festival (A)
  • Bergfestival (A)
  • Blaj Alive (ROM)
  • Colours Of Ostrawa (CZ)
  • Conrad Sohm Kultursommer-Festival (A)
  • Continental Drifts (UK)
  • Contra Promotion (GER)
  • Das Fest (GER)
  • Deichbrand Festival (GER)
  • East European Music Conference (ROM)
  • Electro Magnetic (GER)
  • ESNS – Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL)
  • EXIT Festival (SER)
  • Fête de la Musique Berlin (GER)
  • Feel Festival (GER)
  • FM4 Frequency Festival (A)
  • Fuchsbau Festival (GER)
  • Full Force Festival (GER)
  • Full Metal Cruise (GER)
  • Full Metal Holiday (GER)
  • The Green Gathering Festival (UK)
  • Green Music Initiative (intl.)
  • GO Group (intl.)
  • Haldern Pop (GER)
  • Hamburg Metal Dayz (GER)
  • Happiness Festival (GER)
  • Highfield Festival (GER)
  • Höme - das Magazin für Festivalkultur (GER)
  • Hurricane Festival (GER)
  • IBIT GmbH (GER)
  • IFF - International Festival Forum (UK)
  • Ilosaarirock Festival (FIN)
  • ILMC - International Live Music Conference (UK)
  • Immergut Festival (GER)
  • IQ Magazine (UK)
  • Juicy Beats (GER)
  • JUMP - European Music Market Accelerator (intl.)
  • Kokopelli (BE)
  • Kosmonaut Festival (GER)
  • Kraków Live Festival (POL)
  • Lollapalooza Berlin (GER)
  • MaiNoi (ROM)
  • MaMa Festival & Convention (FRA)
  • Melt (GER)
  • Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd. (UK)
  • Mosaïque Festival (GER)
  • Music Drives Change (intl.)
  • Musikzentrum Hannover (GER)
  • Nature One (GER)
  • Nouvelle Prague (CZ)
  • Nova Rock (A)
  • Off Festival (POL)
  • OpenAir St.Gallen (CH)
  • Open Flair (GER)
  • Open'er Festival (POL)
  • Orange Blossom Special (GER)
  • Orange Warsaw Festival (POL)
  • Pfingst Open Air Werden (GER)
  • Pinkpop (NL)
  • Pohoda Festival (SLK)
  • Pol’and’Rock (POL)
  • Positivus Festival (LVA)
  • Printemps de Bourges (FRA)
  • Provinssi (FIN)
  • Pukkelpop (BE)
  • Puls Open Air (GER)
  • Queer Festival Heidelberg (GER)
  • Reeperbahn Festival (GER)
  • Revolution Festival (ROM)
  • Rocco Del Schlacko (GER)
  • Rock En Seine (FRA)
  • Rock For People (CZ)
  • Rocken Am Brocken (GER)
  • Roskilde Festival (DK)
  • Ruhr In Love (GER)
  • Ruisrock (FIN)
  • Sideways Helsinki (FIN)
  • Splash! Festival (GER)
  • SoundCzech (CZ)
  • Sounds For Nature Foundation (GER)
  • Southside Festival (GER)
  • Stimmen Festival (GER)
  • Summer Breeze (GER)
  • SummerDays Festival (CH)
  • SummerSound Festival (GER)
  • Szene Open Air (A)
  • Sziget (HUN)
  • Take A Stand (intl.)
  • Taksirat Festival (MAC)
  • Taubertal Festival (GER)
  • Vogelball (GER)
  • Volume (DK)
  • Volt Fesztival (HUN)
  • Wacken Open Air (GER)
  • Wacken Winter Nights (GER)
  • Way Back When (GER)
  • Way Out West (SWE)
  • We Love Green (FRA)
  • Werner Rennen (GER)
  • Westway Lab (POR)
  • WHY Portugal (POR)
  • Yourope – the European Festival Association (intl.)
  • Zeitraum Festival (GER)
  • Zeltfestival Ruhr (GER)

A note from YOUROPE, why we do this:

We are the European music family. Together festivals, artists and visitors create spaces in which millions of people experience culture, music and arts every year. We are a great example of international togetherness, solidarity, acceptance, open-mindedness and cultural diversity. Our goal is to be social, responsible and fair. This can only be achieved in a free, open and peaceful society.

Each and every one of us actively contributes to the magical moments of a festival or a concert - before, on and behind the stage. We also actively contribute to strengthening our society by making use of our voting rights. Because that is the basic idea of ​​democracy: all of us decide together in what kind of society we want to live. Be it at local, national or European level.

That's why we go to vote. For the future of Europe. For the future generations. For peace and a strong community - not only in the festival sector, but throughout Europe.


The European Festival Association
Heiligkreuzstr. 9 | CH-9008 St.Gallen | Switzerland


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